OTA-AAST Pelvic Fx Symposium 2000

Pelvic Injury Cases

Hemodynamically Unstable Pelvic Injury Case submitted by Paul Tornetta, MD - Boston Medical Ctr

Case 2

300 lb male patient with APC2 and femur fracture who was transferred in at 3 hours post injury with pressure of 90/60. Had sheet placed immediately in ER (film with towel clip).

AP Pelvis
Sheet & Towel Clip

Sent to CT to rule out intraperitoneal bleed. Abdomen negative. Ongoing blood loss. Sent to angio. Anteriorly applied C clamp replaces sheet and towel clip in Angio suite. Symphysis diastasis closed with some residual unilateral posterior pelvic malrotation. A negative angio follows (patient embolized anyway).

C Clamp AP
Angio Scout

ORIF symphysis two days later.

s/p ORIF

Outcome: Healed well, no residual problems.